Classy and Fabulous - Coco Chanel inspired looks that you'll love!

Classy and Fabulous - Coco Chanel inspired looks that you'll love! LaBella Intimates & Boutique

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. – Coco Chanel

                Chanel is a household name that is known around the world and embodies a specific style. When someone describes an article of clothing as being Chanel inspired, we know what they’re referring to. It’s a sense of sophistication and elegance, coupled with practicality and a hint of being outside of the box in nature. So, why are we discussing the meaningfulness of Coco Chanel? Well, it’s due to the great pieces we just got in from Frank Lyman that scream ‘inspired by Chanel’. Don’t believe us, check it out for yourself!

All good things, come in threes…

        First, we’ll take a look at these incredible pants: Style #201451. From walking the streets of Paris to lounging on a cruise ship, or going to your regular 9 – 5 – these pants are ready for it all. They’ll have you transported to your dream destination whenever you slip them on. Channel your inner Coco Chanel with these trousers!

       Next, onto the matching jacket: Style #201542.  It may not be the classic Chanel tweed suit, but it is perfect to pair with the trousers above for a very Chanel inspired matching set, or wear it with some jeans and a cute top for a modern take on a classic look. Either is a terrific choice for any stylish woman. This jacket is a great piece for an extra layer in the cold office or for a classy twist on girls’ night out – everyone will be raving about this style.  

      Lastly, the beautiful matching top that completes the trio. With buttons down the front and zipper chest pockets, this top brings some extra fun with it. The print makes it dressy enough for the office with some trousers and pumps, while the fun style gives you the option to keep it casual with leggings and cute flats. Practical and fashionable are two concepts that Coco Chanel ensure were in all of her designs – these are also ideas we feel are embodied by these pieces.


Dress(es) for success…

       If that trio wasn’t enough Chanel styling, we have two great dressed that also have the same sophistication and versatile nature Coco Chanel prided herself on. Monochromatic is the name of the game when it comes to trying to embody Chanel in any way – these dresses take that on with ease.

        Here is Frank Lyman Style # 31029 with gorgeous, classic black and white color combination. Coco Chanel was the trendsetter for her time and continues to have an impact on trends happening today.

        She is one of the fashion elites that made monochromatic looks a fashionable choice and not something that was considered boring – she made it a stylish choice for whoever wanted to wear that look. This dress takes the black and white combination and adds a hint of fun with the pleated ruffle detail on the hem. This instantly gives us Coco Chanel meets 20’s flapper in all of the best ways – mixing classic style with extra excitement that makes this piece a must-have in any closet as the perfect dress for any occasion!

        The second dress from Frank Lyman that sums up Chanel in one look is Style #196005. If you ever wondered when or how black became such a staple color in anyone’s wardrobe, you can thank Coco Chanel. She was the catalyst that made black a fashionable color, and not only something is worn to funerals or in mourning. Chanel created and popularized what we know today as the LBD (little black dress) - she revealed that just because something seemed basic doesn’t mean it’s not stylish. “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous” is one of Coco Chanel’s most famous quotes, which we feel is exemplified in this dress. Classic black shift dress with a fabulous hint of color with the pink pocket details and gold buttons – this dress is sure to make you feel both classy and fabulous every time you put it on!     


We couldn’t forget about our claim to fame – the lingerie!

Once we noticed a pattern of very Chanel inspired looks coming in our shipments, we looked around and found some bra and panty sets that pair perfectly with any of the looks above. Take a look at them and complete you Chanel look from Head to Toe and even underneath

Kris Line Black Brilliant BrasserieFirst is the Kris Line Black Brilliant Brasserie, this classic push up bra calls to be underneath any Chanel design or Chanel inspired piece. In addition to the lifting effects of a well-designed push-up bra, subtle padding, and a slight gathering of smooth satin at the center help to create the added illusion of cleavage. Gives a little extra oomph to any dress or pantsuit combo!



Jaquard Black Stripe Bra

Next, let's take a look at a simple but functional design after Coco Chanel’s own heart. This Fit Fully Yours Black Jacquard Stripe Bra is a classy, stylish, versatile choice for any lingerie drawer. It matches a sophisticated style with comfort and support, exactly what Chanel designs also embody. This bra is sure to make you feel ready for anything with each and every wear – confidence is key!  



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