Bra Fittings

Is Your Bra Uncomfortable?

Do your breasts sag in your bra?

Does your breast tissue spill over the cups?

Does your bra ride up in the back?

Does your underwire poke into your breasts?

Is there a gap between your bra and your body?

Do your straps dig into your shoulders?

Have you gained or lost 10 pounds?

Bra Whisperer in Orlando

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then your bra probably does not fit you properly.

Santa LaBellman, named "The Bra Whisperer of Orlando" by Orange Appeal Magazine believes that most women do not know how to select the right size bra to fit their shape. 

Over 80% of women wear wrong size bra. Throughout her life, a women's body changes six times on average due to factors such as dieting, pregnancy or for no apparent reason! These body changes affect her bra size as well as her overall clothing size so it's worth checking your vital statistics every couple of years.

Having a well fitted bra is essential as it improves the way you look, your posture and gives you confidence. People are usually shocked by how wrong they had it before, for example someone who has been wearing a 36B for all her adult life could actually be a 32E! The difference is that she will find that the bras won't ride up at the back anymore or dig into her shoulders, not to mention creating a much better look. 

At LaBella we DO NOT believe in measuring.

Measuring is NOT the same as Bra Fitting. Why?

There are many brands with specific fit designed for their bras
There are many types of bras - Push Up, Demi, Soft, Semi Soft
Different size charts - UK, US and European Size Charts
Elasticity of fabrics used and inconsistency in production
    The key is to find the brand and type of bra that works for your body.
    Not every bra in your size will work for your body.

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