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The only thing I hate more than bra shopping is bathing suit shopping. If I had to do both in the same day I think I would need therapy afterwards. So I put bra shopping off longer than I should. The other day I finally took the plunge (slight cleavage pun there) and went into LaBella to get some new bras. Now some of you may be wondering what the big deal is? Well it's that they ARE big. This makes finding the right fit challenging and exhausting. Left to my own devices in a department store I have often walked away with something that in my opinion was "good enough" because I just didn't have the energy to get fully dressed for a fifth time so I could continue rifling through the racks and racks and racks trying to find the right style and fit. As a result not unlike most women I went around wearing the wrong size bra, uncomfortably so, and looking the worse for it. Because my lady friends, the difference in how you look (and I'm talking fully clothed) wearing a properly fitted bra vs an ill fitted bra can be the equivalent of a 5-10 pound weight loss. So I learned that the only way to mitigate the trauma that is bra shopping is to go to a store that actually specializes in intimate apparel and specifically for woman who cannot easily buy off a rack (anther pun there). You need to be fitted and helped by a professional.
Having been past LaBella many times on Park Avenue I decided to give them a try and luckily I made the right call because it was about as painless as this process can get. Santa was my sales clerk and she was professional and knowledgeable and patient and helpful - all the things you need under these circumstances. She quickly determined the size I should have been in (sigh) and started bringing them to me. Yes it's still work because as Santa explained the support comes from the band NOT the straps. So the band has to be tight enough to support you and that means it is not easy to get in and out of. Clip, twist, bend over, scoop, adjust, tighten, reverse ... over and over and over and over again. But when all was said and done - I had some really lovely, amazingly well fitting bras. One caveat being that this is a case where you definitely get what you pay for. These bras aren't inexpensive but for something that we wear most of our waking hours, that can make the difference not only in how we look but also how we feel both emotionally and physically - it is an investment worth every dollar. And for a shopping experience that is as pleasurable as possible I highly recommend you visit LaBella.

By Mimi G, Orlando FL on 05/13/2014

Love this store!! I'm a bustier girl in my early 20s who just wanted a cute, fun bra that gave me all the coverage and support I wanted but didn't look like an old lady bra. Finally I found sexy and pretty bras in my size! Although no one else sees my bra, just wearing it under regular clothes gives me a new found confidence in myself. Santa LaBellman knows what she's talking about and knows what will make your boobs look the best.

By MaxB on 08/16/2011

I came in because I saw they offered a Groupon! The woman who helped me was a model of patience. I was shopping for pajamas and panties, something I don't usually splurge on but the pieces here were amazingly beautiful and I could not resist. Plus, the Groupon helped... The sales lady said they could ship to me as well, for FREE! I plan to order from here when I get home. She also told me about their bras and how to fit them properly. A great experience, a very charming shop!

By Suzee Q, New York, NY on 05/15/2014

Having a smaller frame and a larger bust makes it very hard to find nice bras that don't look like they came from 1920. At LaBella I was able to find several really pretty bras with matching panties which is always nice to have the set. Even though I am the only one that sees my under clothing, when I get dressed everyday it makes a big difference which or what bra and under wear I will put on. I am in my mid 30's now and like I said i'm the only one seeing them if I am wearing a nice set and a bra that fits properly I feel better about what i'm wearing over it.
I am very happy to have run across LaBella Intimates because I am new to Sarasota and I do not shop at Victoria secrets. The person that helped me was super nice and truly new how to give a proper bra fitting. I will defiantly go back and tell my friends to check it out. Plus they have some super cute clothes as well! Thank you LaBella!

By Samie, Sarasota, FL on 06/1/2015

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