Importance of Lingerie

" I don't have anybody in my life to buy the lingerie for", I hear this statement almost every day.

You do not have to have a reason to wear beautiful undergarments. It is for YOU! 

Most women these days get carried away with their careers, being full time moms and wives that they forget about themselves. Moreover, struggles with our weight make us all very self-conscious.

As professional bra fitter, I see lots of women: young girls wearing "grandma" looking undergarments, women wearing same bras for past 10 years, or women dressed in latest fashions but not underneath the clothes, and it truly makes me sad.

Beautiful lingerie should be the most important part of every women's wardrobe. Wearing beautiful undergarments every day, builds our confidence. With confidence, there comes an increase in self esteem and more...

Women should represent femininity. We love to get our hair, make up, and nails done because it makes us feel feminine and pretty. How about lingerie?

In my book, beautiful lingerie should be the most important part of every women's closet.

I was born and raised in Europe and I have been taught from early age  to appreciate beautiful lingerie. It is my most important essential.

Before opening my lingerie store, I used to do all my lingerie shopping in Europe because I could not find what I was used to wearing in the US. Market here caters to comfort and basic. Plain and boring. Beautiful lingerie is considered as special occasion.  But not in my book...

I absolutely love transforming one woman at the time. I love to see how their confidence level changes with each visit in the store.  Women, who would have never even consider a lacy lingerie, have come back for more . They have graduated from basic classic styles to Fashion styles with bolder prints, colors, and  matching sets and more... You don't have to be a size 0 to enjoy and wear beautiful lingerie... There are items out there for all sizes these days... You just need to know where to look... and we, at LaBella, will be always happy to assist you.

Just remember, it is all about you! Not anyone else!








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